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About SIT

The SIT software house
SIT specializes in developing and implementing advanced computerized systems. The hearts of the software systems are the products of the American company QAD, a leading innovator of e-Business solution for manufacturers and trading exchanges. QAD software helps speed business processes for more than 300,000 licensed users at more than 5,800 licensed sites in more than 80 countries. QAD's systems are implemented at large corporations in the world, such as Phillips, Unilever, AT&T, Nestle,Avon, Black and Decker and more.

SIT is a Tableau Software Gold Partner in Israel. SIT provides professional services such as developing and implementing services. Our customers come from a diversity world of contents: Online Gaming, Online Media, Ministry offices, Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing Insurance and many others. 

 Tableau BI is the successful and innovative Business intelligence solution born at Stanford and raised by a pack of energetic PhDs with the Visual analysis at its core. Tableau has best practices built right in. You get the benefit of years of research on the best way to represent data, from color schemes designs that keep users focused on what’s important. You can put your data on a map with automatic geocoding

QAD's products
 Undergo total localization at SIT to give the end user a system that can work according to the legal accounting requirements. MFG\PRO which is one of QAD products has graded as an excellent e-Business package for selected manufacturing verticals including electronic , food & Beverages medical automotive and industrial.

SIT Solutions
SIT develops, markets and supports innovative software products, which are geared towards specific sections of the industrial and mercantile markets: production companies in the electronics, food and beverage, medical supplies, consumer products and transportation industries.SIT uses the most innovative and modern techniques available for the development of their products: open systems, relational databases, connectivity to the Internet and EDI.

SIT has gained a lot of experience in supplying global solutions to multi national corporations and institutions, in order to answer the special needs of companies with world wide operation and distribution.
The day-to-day activity of SIT is provides a full solution to organizations of different sizes. The solution includes the different layers of software, hardware and systems. Within this activity, SIT customizes the product to the customer needs and provides training consulting and technical support.


The service basket offered today by SIT to its customers is not based only on software alone but encompasses also the peripheral needs of installing an ERP system. In 1999, CNS company was merged into SIT, CNS provides an hardware and system solutions. MFG/PRO users in Israel can now receive all of the services for the system from one source, and do not need to wander between hardware and operating systems suppliers to match those foundations to their ERP system.

The QAD ERP package (MFG\PRO) has been implemented at over 150 Israeli companies in Israel and abroad.
SIT distributes and support in Israel the products from the following companies:
ERP package - 
Import & Export package -
Inventory management -
RIMS RoboCom's system
ODBC - Openlink ODBC tool.
Collaborative planning solutions critical to e-bussiness -
In addition, SIT has a close ties with solutions developers and service partners for the modern IT.

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