"When you make a decision do not think of the world as it is today, think of the world as it will be" (Isaac Asimov)

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ERP Systems

QAD's ERP was one of the first software applications built for manufacturers following the APICS principles and MRP requirements to support all business needs in one platform.

QAD ERP helps decision-makers to execute their plans including Logistics, Finance and Operations on a Real-Time reliable database, supporting Multi-Domains and Multi-Entities as well as Multi-Languages and Regulations.

With today's Dynamic and Regulatory business environment, QAD ERP provides the ability to manage and control all strict security requirements determined by the organization policy and dominated by international standards as well as governments such as SOX, FDA & IFRS.

Analytics - Platforms

Studies show that 94% of organizations have more than one source of data and usually much more. The Amount of data Grows exponentially and the complexity of the analysis grows with them. The ability to Manage your Data, Manipulate it, analyze it and understand it becomes more and more significant for any organization.

We at SIT have some of the leading tools in the market today like Tableau. This expertise alongside 20 years of information Technologies Know how will help you find these Hidden values in the data of your organizations.


About Us

We Are here Since 1995 leading a path of professionalism and innovation in the information technology market. Located in Or Yehuda with 80 employees from a wide range of disciplines that have been with us for years now, Consulting and implementing the leading tools of the industry. With hundreds of costumers and thousands of projects we will be happy to share our vast experience in ERP systems, Modern Bi and Advanced Analytics walking together towards mutual success.

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