Welcome to our Privacy Policy

SIT Ltd. ("Company”) is committed to protecting your privacy. It is important for us to make known to you the measures we use to safe-keep the information that we gather, and we undertake do so in accordance with the following privacy policy ("Privacy Policy”).

By using the Company's website you consent to the automatic collection of information. While there is no legal obligation for you to give us any information, you should be aware of the fact that withholding certain types of information might limit the availability of some of the Company's services. In any event, whether the information we collect is personal or statistical in nature, it will be saved by us, and it will be our responsibility to keep it secure. In our normal course of business we apply various methods to secure information, which decrease the risk that your information will fall into the wrong hands. Some of the information we collect does not identify you, individually, and we do not keep it together with your personal details. While we strive to perfection, obviously, the measures we apply are not bulletproof, and therefore, we do not guarantee that the information saved by us will be entirely and completely resistant to unauthorized access. By using our website and services, you hereby understand and expressly consent to these risks.

The Company guarantees that the information we collect will only be used according to this privacy policy and subject to the provisions of applicable laws, in order to:

1.      Allow you to use the various services on our sites, including repairing breakdowns of services and sites;

2.      Improve and enrich the services and content offered on our sites;

3.      Change or cancel existing services and content;

4.      Adapt advertisements that are displayed upon visiting the sites, to topics that may be of interest to you;

5.      Send you information on updates and other information that we believe will interest you;

6.      Monitor and analyze statistical data; and –

7.      Act according to the provisions of the law, and the requirements of the legal authorities, or of third parties that will come to us, and with whom, we believe, in good faith, that, by law, we must cooperate.


The Company may decide, from time to time, to send you information by e-mail regarding our services, or on matters which you might find of interest to you. The Company will not e-mail you any such information without your explicit consent, and you should keep in mind the fact that you can always cancel your consent to receive such information, by providing the Company a written notice with respect thereof.
It is important for us to let you know that in any event the Company will not pass on your personal details to any 3rd parties except for the following circumstances:

1.      Statistical information on user activity on our sites. Statistical information passed on will not identify you personally;

2.      In the event that a legal dispute between you and us, which will obligate disclosure of your details;

3.      If you conduct illegal activity on the sites;

4.      If a judicial order is received that instructs us to pass on your details, or information about you, to a third party; and –

5.      If we sell, or transfer in any other way whatsoever, the sites’ activity to any other corporation, or if we merge with another body, or with another site, as long as the party receiving information about you, will take upon itself, with regard to you, the provisions of this privacy policy.


The Company's website uses “cookies” for the purposes of its ordinary and efficient operation, as well as for the purpose of collecting statistical information on the use of the site, personal identification and adaptation, and for security purposes. While this is not required by law, you are hereby advised that it will be more efficient to use the Company's website when the “cookies” are saved on your computer. You should also be aware that you can always set your browser to prevent the receipt of “cookies”, just keep in mind that blocking the “cookies” is likely to limit our ability to fully render our services to you.

If you have any questions, or require any clarification, regarding this policy and the information gathered, you are welcome to contact us directly.


Notice of any changes and updates to this Privacy Policy will be publicized on the Company's website.


We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our Privacy Statement – please feel free to email us at: info@sitqad.co.il or call us at:         +972-3-634-1299 or by regular mail to: 8 Ariel Sharon St., Or Yehuda, Israel.


We appreciate you interest and business!